North Hill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC has acquired a new piece of equipment for Speech Therapy. 

Synchrony Dysphagia Solutions

Approxiemately 15 million people have dysphagia each year.  Approximately 60,000 people have complications associated with Dysphagia suchs as aspiration pneumonia, infections, etc.  Typical causes of dysphagia is stokre, traumatic brain injury, cancer, neurological diseases, inflammatory conditions, general deconditioning, dementia and blockages. 

The Synchrony Dysphagia Solutions Program relies on evidence-based treatment protocols, in conjunction with leading edge rehabilitation technology to improve swallowing performance and outcomes, in conjuction with advised therapist training.  Synchrony Dysphagia Solutions Including 3 key components:

a.) Evidence-based treatment protocols

b.) Progressive technology

c.) Advanced Therapist Training from an AHSA-approved provider

Synchrony addresses muscle weakness and compromised neuromuscular control, simulates normal nerve and muscle firing patterns, and enables the speech therapists to actually see "the swallow".



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